5 Letter Word

This a post from last September. I decided to keep it up a little bit longer. The song is called 5 Letter Word. It is a free download. Click here to download 5 Letter Word
Newest Oldest JG Recording Now Available

Newest Oldest JG Recording Now Available

This is the cover of my newest/oldest recording entitled “Before Beginning – The Unreleased I Know, Nashville, 1985” on Red House Records. It was recorded & mixed in 5 days in Nashville in November of 1985 and was produced by Jim Rooney. With a...

Pierogi Recipe is Back!

John Gorka’s Family Pierogi Recipe Pierogi or pierogies are filled dumplings which come from Eastern Europe. This recipe comes from my father’s side of the family, which is the Polish side. His parents were both born in Poland. The pierogi we are making here feature...

A Hello in August

The people who inspire me are the ones who have done more with less, and have gone farther, with more in their way — John G.